Clipping Clunia November 2019

Clipping Clunia November 2019


Cuina November 2019

Gastronomy & wines magazine publishes the news of the launch of Clunia Pinot Noir.

ElCorreo November 1st, 2019
One of the Basque Country’s main newspapers recommends Clunia Tempranillo as Wine of The Week.

Sobremesa November 2019

Gastronomy & wine magazine highlights the news of the lauch of the new wine from Clunia, Clunia Pinot Noir.

Vinos y Restaurantes November 2019

Gastronomy & wine magazine highlights Clunia Tempranillo as a significant example of Spain’s best high-altitude wines.

Vinos y Restaurantes November 2019

Gastronomy & wine magazine announces the launch of Clunia’s 100% Pinot Noir new wine.

Forbes November 2019

Internationally-aclaimed lifestyle magazine considers Clunia’s 100% Pinot Noir new wine, ‘quite a discovery’.

El Mundo November 2019

One of Spain’s main newspapers recommends Clunia Albillo in an article about this varietal.

Fuera de Serie November 30th, 2019

Weekly supplement of Spain’s Expansión newspaper rates Clunia Pinot Noir on the Top 3 position of Spain’s best Pinot Noir wines.



Ramón Francás November 18th, 2019

La Vanguardia’s wine critic recommends Clunia’s new wine on the net.



Info Horeca November 2019

Specialized magazine makes an exclusive of selection the most attractive wines distributed in the onpremise sector with Clunia Pinot Noir.

Selectus Wines November 28th, 2019

The magazine specialized on Premium wines publishes a fantastic wine critic on Clunia’s first 100% Malbec.